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Get You MyLikes Cards at Two Fissionlink Exciting Events in Abu Dhabi

The Bon Appetit Food Festival at Mushrif Mall is still ongoing at Mushrif Mall. We are giving away tablets including an iPad Mini at the Mushrif Mall on September 20. Drop by and get your MyLikes Card for a chance to win special offers, vouchers and freebies. The Dream Players at the Abu Dhabi International [...]

FissionLink with its MyLikes Cards Mushrif Mall’s Bon Appetit Food Festival

FissionLink with its MyLikes Cards recently is participating at the Mushrif Mall’s Bon Appetit Food Festival event. The festival will run for ten days and is currently on-going. Here are some photos of the event and also pictured is the new MyLikes Card with the mini card that can be used as a keychain. The [...]

5 Most Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been around for a few years now but many are still confused by some terminologies. Here are the top 5 most asked questions about social media marketing: 1. What is Social Media?  Social Media is the technology that enables users to create networks through connecting with people in the same network. [...]

FissionLink at Mushrif Mall’s Bon Appetit Food Festival

Happy Saturday, everyone! Last day of the weekend. Have you been to Mushrif Mall’s Bon Appetit Food Festival yet? Embark on a gastronomical adventure and sample delicacies from participating restaurants at Mushrif Mall. Indulge in delicious food and find us at the event today. It’s our third day at the mall to participate in giving [...]

What is the state of social media in the Arab World during this Holy Month?

This week marks the final stretch of the Holy Month of Ramadan and an interesting question is: What is the state of social media in the Arab World during this Holy Month?  The Online Project, a social media agency that operates in Jordan, Riyadh, Lebanon and Dubai, released a report that looks into the social media [...]

Planning on Disconnecting from Social Media? 6 Things You Will Be Missing

Social media has become a communal pit for information and a fast channel to spread ideas online. While most of people from around the world have been enjoying it since even before Facebook became famous, there are still people who avoid going on social media networks at all cost. But what exactly are you missing [...]

Fissionlink greets you Ramadan Kareem

Once in a year we take a month off from our busy lives to fast in prayer and reflect on our lives, to give thanks to Allah and spend time with family. From all of us at FissionLink and our partners, we Ramadan Kareem and we hope you have a blessed month ahead. May Allah [...]

FissionLink Acer Tablet Giveaway Facebook Contest

Our Facebook contest on the Acer tablet giveaway is today! We will be announcing the winner tomorrow on the FissionLink Facebook Page. Just sign up here on the website to register for a FissionLink account. Registration gains you an entry to win a sleek Acer tablet. JOIN NOW! Sign up! 

Happy Wednesday: 5 Things to Do for the Weekend

It’s Wednesday and we have all been waiting for the weekend. Don’t you agree how time flies by so fast? Like any other person in the city, we all look for fun ways to spend our weekends off work. Here are five things you can do for the weekend to break free from your usual [...]

FissionLink- social media, earning points and loyalty rewards program

More and more stores are joining the Fission and giving out MyLikes Cards to its customers. In fact, if you don’t have a card you can always download the FissionLink Android App on Google Play for free. By signing up on FissionLink, you automatically earn points that can be further accumulated by sharing messages on [...]